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16oz Virgen de Guadalupe W/ Roses Glass Can Sublimation Transfer

16oz Virgen de Guadalupe W/ Roses Glass Can Sublimation Transfer

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This is a listing for a 16oz GLASS CAN SUBLIMATION TRANSFER!

A physical print of the design shown in this listing will be shipped to you.

This is NOT a digital download, and the Glass can is NOT included.


We size our 16oz Glass Can Wraps at: 9.45 Inches Width & 4.33 Inches Height

(If needed different size please add to notes, if no notes are added we will pre-size to measurements listed above)

TIME/TEMP: pressing time is up to your blank manufacturer's recommended settings   for substrate. we do not provide this info since all sublimation blanks are different.

A tumbler press, cricut mug press or convection oven, must be used with these type of sublimation transfers.
Any portion of the design that appears to be white is not ink and will press the color of the substrate used. Please remember that Sublimation does not print white ink.
We print all designs with high quality ink and paper for best results. Some ink may remain on the paper after pressing, this is normal.

When pressing transfer onto Glass cans, we recommend using butcher paper over tumbler to avoid any excess ink release though the tumbler wrap.

 **The colors in the physical transfer may appear different than the colors on the screen. This is normal. Once the design is pressed onto your substrate, the design will look similar to the image shown on the screen. Designs will already come mirrored, and when pressed the design will be the correct way on tumbler.

 **We are not responsible for user error. When purchasing our transfers, we assume you are familiar with sublimation and the heat transfer process. **


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