Hola Amigas!

I'm happy you are here on our first ever blog post! I can't believe our new logo/business re-brand is officially here, it's something that had been in the works for a while now and so happy to say we are now Bev's Crafty Studio (Formerly Invites by Bevs & More) 

This new business rebrand means so much to me as a small business owner because it's more than just a simple logo name change and color palette, it's more of the meaning behind it all. I decided to change the name since as you all know when i started this business back in 2020 i loved to make stationary items like cards, stickers, paper crafts & most of all invitations for different type of events, but over the last couple years i stopped doing them completely because my business shifted and by shifted i mean COMPLETELY CHANGED, not for bad but for the good! I started to make more things like custom apparel, tumblers, sell transfers, teach courses & even create content....

I hated being tied down or being categorized under one specific craft or people thinking i just made invitations, and that was not the case. I love my creative space i work in, it's in my own home and i love to dip into a various number of crafts. I will no longer be held down under one specific craft category!

so now i can say with an open heart, welcome to my Bev's Crafty Studio! If you've been here since the beginning thank you for being loyal and being my number one supporters & most of all for hanging on, on this crazy roller coaster!

want to read more about me? check out tab at bottom of website "About the founder" for more 

- Bev

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